Your travel visa apps to 60 Asian countries

Whether you are uncertain or unfamiliar applying for the first time, you can sit back, relax and let us do all the visa work. At Evisa Asia, we are constantly building our visa experiences into our services for your usage. We know the tips and tricks required, the actual time for your visa to be ready and every changes. Hence, we take pride in showing you how your visa applications should be done: with confidence and like you have done it a 100 times before.



Passport DriveThru
Stay in your car! We will personally pick up your passport as you drop it off.
Photo via Phone
Passport photo? No problem, just take a selfie or photo on your phone.
Personalising Things
Apply in your own language and make payments in your own currency.
Mobile Apps
Download our mobile apps and apply in your bed or during lunch breaks.
Safe & Secure
Website, application, information, passport. Everything is safe with us.
Group Application
Travelling with friends and family? Make multiple applications to multiple countries.


About Us

Evisa Asia's journey started in 2006 with a single country, Cambodia, where we built the government's first electronic visa system. The project made us aware of the complicated problems involving visa. After five years of hard work and research, we were able to provide solutions to 11 neighbouring countries. Come the year 2016, we are proud to say that we are expanding our visa services to 60 countries in Asia. We aim to help users encounter the right visa experience with confidence and familiarity. Our first visa office cum Passport DriveThru is currently based in Malaysia. Our next milestone is to cater to a wider range of visa services by setting up visa offices in more countries by 2018. We definitely can't wait!


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