Visa application and beyond

Evisa Asia launches their travel visa apps covering over 60 Asian countries.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August 2016

Visa application is now at users’ fingertips as Evisa Asia launches their travel visa apps which caters to a variety of visa products and services. Unlike any other, Evisa Asia offers a different and personal visa experience altogether.

Evisa Asia services spans over 40 countries worldwide where citizens can apply for travel visas to 60 Asian countries including South East Asia, Middle East and even Central Asia. Typically, a Malaysian citizen would require a visa to visit nearly half of the places in the Asian continent. Evisa Asia’s products and services are specifically created to meet visa needs as such. By far, they offer 40 products consisting of electronic visa, pre-filled form, visa sticker, invitation letter and approval letter. Availability of products are depending on the visa requirements of a particular country. This number is not fixed as the product range will adhere to the latest updates implemented by respective governments.

Products and services are made available via a travel visa apps. Their visa apps is a mobile application allowing one to apply anytime and anywhere. It utilises a single universal form which caters to single or multiple applications simultaneously and safely. Users can also opt to apply in their own language and make payment in their own currency. To top it off, they also provide passport drive-thru facilities for clients to drop off their passports alongside passport photo conversion via a selfie photo.

Formerly, a China visa is obtained either via a travel agent or by personally going through the tedious application process. This travel visa apps allows users an alternative without the hassles from previous methods. Now, one simply needs to fill up a form, wait for their passport to be collected and it will be delivered back safely alongside a visa sticker in the nearest time. Evisa Asia is also the first to introduce the passport drive-thru facility in Malaysia. In addition to this, they also have 60 travel agencies partner in Malaysia where users can opt to drop-off their passport safely.

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About Evisa Asia

Evisa Asia’s journey started in 2006 with a single country, Cambodia, where they built the government’s first electronic visa system. The project made them aware of the complicated problems involving visa. After five years of hard work and research, they provided solutions to 11 neighbouring countries. Come the year 2016, they are expanding their visa services to 60 countries in Asia. Evisa Asia’s aim is to help users encounter the right visa experience with confidence and familiarity. Their first visa office cum Passport DriveThru is currently based in Malaysia. The next milestone for them is to be able to cater to a wider range of visa services by setting up visa offices in more countries by 2018.

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