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Chengdu adopting the 72 hour visa scheme pack

September 7, 2013 by Keem - Category News

About one month ago, Guangzhou joined in the 72 hours scheme pack and now, Chengdu is joining in the pack which is comprised of Beijing and Shanghai as well. And yes, the policy has taken effect, on the very first day of September!

Chengdu is the first inland city to adopt this visa plan as it has more international flights compared with other cities in central and Western China.According to the vice mayor of Chengdu, Mr. Fu Yonglin, the main objective of the implementation of this policy is to boost tourism and business. Overseas travellers and businessmen/women now can spend their transit hours visiting the blooming city of Chengdu.

The 72-hour Visa-free policy in Chengdu will share the same regulations with Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It covers travelers from 45 countries including Germany, Japan, Italy, UK and the USA. Foreign travellers who are eligible are entitled to apply for the 3 days visa as long as respectivetravel documents and the flight tickets which will depart to the third country from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport are in hand. There are travel agencies that tailor made itineraries to suit travellers with the 72 hours visa thus travelling around the city wouldn’t be a problem.

Do note that the 72 hour free visa policy only applies to air passengers. So, if you are planning to enter or leave China by land or sea, make sure you apply for a Chinese beforehand. For our Malaysian travellers, good news as you can apply your Chinese Visa via our services with a processing time of two weeks only! What are you waiting for?