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Medan celebrates the birth of Kuala Namu International Airport

July 21, 2013 by Wan Wan - Category News
Aerial_View_Kualanamu_International_Airport An aerial view of Kuala Namu International Airport in progress

The ribbon of the Kuala Namu International Airport in Medan, North Sumatra will be cut on the 25th day of July this year. This delightful news was announced to the local press by PT Angkasa Pura II’s Airport Director, Salahuddin Rafi. The future second busiest and largest airport in Indonesia shall replace the current Polonia International Airport that has served Medan for more than 70 years.

Kuala Namu is like a newly discovered oasis out of a degraded plantation and swamp land. It is located approximately 42km away from its predecessor that comes with a larger runway (3750m x 60m) and 33 aprons to let wide-body aircrafts to take off and land with great ease. In other words, Kuala Namu is more than happy to welcome Airbus A330/A380 and Boeing B747/B767 to its strips. The spanking new airport has a capacity of 8 million passengers and can accommodate 115.000 tonne cargo.

Even though Kuala Namu is ready to operate, the supporting amenities for the airport’s works are still facing challenges. For instance, the problem of the road infrastructure heading towards the airport has not been solved, including toll and arterial roads access, not forgetting the railway.

During this inescapable transition period, Polonia International Airport will continue to serve Medan alongside Kuala Namu. Access to Kuala Namu is possible through Damri buses and Trans Medan mini buses commuting between the city centre and the new airport. A planned new 172-passenger airport train service will be carrying passengers to and from Medan 15 times a day. It will also be the first train service in Indonesia which connects an airport terminal to the city.

Currently, Medan receives a handful of international flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok and Hong Kong, as well as domestic flights from various cities in Indonesia.

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Photo Credit: Pasadena12