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New Chinese visa policy eases stay extensions

September 6, 2013 by Adline Writes - Category News

According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, at present, if you were a traveler, wishing to extend your stay in China, you’d have to cancel your visa, even if it hasn’t expired. Thankfully, however, this very inconvenient regulation is about to be revised. Beginning September 2013, foreigners with unexpired Chinese visa can apply for stay-time extensions, which won’t affect the validity of their existing visas, nor their original entry time. The entire process should take about 15 working days.

Travelers who submit their passports for extension processing or resident visa replacements will be given a receipt, complete with his or her photo for identification. The receipt is important, as it can be referred to by officials from other ministries as well, such as the transportation department.

The enforcement of the new policy across China, will no doubt spell more work visa department officers, especially in major cities. Since July this year, however, the officers have been provided with additional training. To reach out further to travelers, an official micro blog, called Beijing Exit-Entry Police, has been launched on September 1st on Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter).