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New sticker to be used for Philippines' visa extension applicants

July 11, 2013 by Keem - Category News
Philippines Bureau of Immigration Bureau of Immigration in Manila will soon be issuing new stickers to visa extension applicants.

The recent big project launched by the Philippines is the introduction of a new sticker for visa extension applicants. The reason behind this new implementation is to remove the roots of the rapid produce of fake visa stamps. And of course, to protect foreign travellers from being cheated and victimized.

The new sticker invented is machine–generated with security and tracking features which leave no chance for anyone to replicate or copy it. Also, it aids in accelerating the transactions in the Bureau of Immigration (BI), granting a more convenient way for the BI to detect any fraudulent of stickers. BI Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. stated that the new system took place last month.

Along with the new sticker, there is another good deal offered by the Philippines – LSVVE. Figured out what is it yet? Well, LSVVE is the abbreviation of Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension. This visa offers a stay of six months and all nationals are entitled to apply for it. However, do note that LSVVE will not be granted to visa – required nationals who have been in the country for more than 24 months and to visa – waived nationals who have exceeded a 36 months stay.

According to Antonette Mangrobang, the spokeswoman of BI, the fees for LSVVE application will be around 300USD. However, fellow travellers, make sure you have your regular tourist visa (if you are not eligible for visa exemption) before applying for a LSVVE.

Photo credit: PhotoPhilia (Wikipedia Takes Manila participant)