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Thailand to launch e-visa in 2014

September 19, 2013 by Adline Writes - Category News

The Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry has recently announced that it will introduce an electronic visa (e-visa) by 1 October 2014. According to Nuttavudh Photisaro, the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry, his ministry has already started developing the e-visa system which will take the place of existing visa labels that are in sticker form.

Adding that the e-visa will be of international standards, the Deputy Permanent Secretary explains that the new e-visa will also contain a photo of the applicant. The image will not only serve as identification, but also offers an added level of security.

The news of a Thai e-visa is most welcomed by travellers, as Thailand continues to be a tourist hot spot. Between January and June this year, the Thai Government has already issued 2.4 million visas to foreign nationals. Though the number has been encouraging so far, it is far less than the number of visas issued during the same period last year – 1,000,000 visas less, to be exact.

The introduction of the e-visa, however, is expected to help boost visitor numbers by making Thai visa applications much smoother. The new e-visa will also help stamp out cases of visa sticker theft, as well as the illegal use of Thai visas.