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Visa exemption from UK is on the horns of dilemma

July 18, 2013 by Jan Jan S - Category News
Heathrow Terminal 5 It might not be so easy for Malaysians to fly into Heathrow Airport at the spur of moment, once the proposal to impose additional visa requirement is approved.

Malaysia is the one of the Commonwealth countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the United Kingdom with visa-free over six months. However, the Government of United Kingdom is now proposing to impose an additional visa requirement on the holders of Malaysian passports. In the near future, Malaysians may be required to apply for tourist visas before entering the United Kingdom.

The new proposal for Malaysians’ visa requirement by the immigration offices of the United Kingdom arose from the issue of overstay among 20,000 Malaysian passport holders. Yet the figure of overstay has not completed. Quite a number of non-Malaysians had sought after the Malaysian passports due to the six-month visa exemption to the United Kingdom. After passing through the exercises and customs at the United Kingdom border, the Malaysian passport holders will dispose their passports.

The additional visa requirement exerted on the Malaysian passport holders may fiercely slam down the growth of the outbound tourism to the United Kingdom. On another side of the coin, the overstaying Malaysian passport holders have deprived the National Health Service and other benefits from the domestic residents.

To stop the visa abuse, the Government of United Kingdom will consider the implementation of the “security bonds” on visitors from Malaysia. Or it will strengthen the promotional effectiveness of the propaganda over the “Assisted Voluntary Return” schemes and to help the overstayers leave with financial assistance. As a consequence, the overstayers will learn that the “14-year-long stay rule” has been eliminated for a period of time and they will be banned from returning to the United Kingdom up to 2 years.

Photo Credit: Curt Smith