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Woosh to the Sapphire of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in four hours from Taiwan!

August 28, 2013 by Jan Jan S - Category News

Named after the most famous and largest inland saltwater lake of China, Qinghai is the world’s nature reserve of wild animals and rare herbs. In the ancient time, the provincial city Xining was one of the renowned gateways to the Silk Road, which was the important trade route between China and Europe. The diverse cultures of multiethnic groups including Han, Hui, Tu and Tibetan have been therefore converged and developed over the province.

Following the years of efforts in the Northwest Economic Development Project by the Government of People’s Republic of China, Qinghai has gradually adopted the open foreign policy to the outside world. Since the inception of Qinghai-Tibet railway, the inbound tourism of Qinghai has been recorded with a significant growth. It has become one of the must-visit destinations for those indulging in the temple, mosque architecture as well as the religious cultures.

In recent months, the Xining Airport of Qinghai has gradually opened for the international flights. Since 1 August 2013, the 4-hour direct flight of Taiwan UNI Airways between Qinghai and Taiwan has been in service. Two flight schedules per week are available for the choice of travellers with valid China Entry Permit. This policy further facilitates the development of tourism over the northern regions of China.

Qinghai is not just a heaven for those endeavoured to the cultural conservation; it is also a playground for those devoted to the extreme sports. To have a thrill adventure over the semi-arid land, sport lovers can go trekking to the nomadic areas to taste the daily lives of Tibetans and Mongolians or go cycling around the Qinghai Lake. If seeing flocks of animals in a wide natural habitat will catch your eyes, take a coach trip to the Bird Island from Xining to rock your days with new-born wild birds in the spectacular landscape.