Potential Partners

Let's be friends!

This is for like-minded people who are constantly coming up with ideas to benefit their clients. Be it an independent travel blogger or a renowned, behemoth company, we sincerely want to be friends!

Ice Breaker

To break the ice, we are offering a unique Promo Code especially for you. Your clients are entitled to a RM5 rebate when they use this Promo Code while you get a 5% commission on our total service fee. The best part is rebate could reach up to RM20 off while commission could go up to 20%. Great benefits for both you and your clients. Sign up today and cheers to our newfound friendship!

Established Friendship

At this stage, both parties know each others' strengths and weaknesses better. Time to level up and deepen the bond. This is where we trust you enough to bundle our services into your packages and where you trust us enough to make us part of your adventures too. It is a mutual, committed relationship where we can proudly call each other partners. Let us strengthen our already established track record by taking things to a higher level.

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